Choosing Ballat Smithy Cottage

Ballat Smithy cottage Self catering holiday cottage near Loch Lomond

When there are dozens of self catering holiday cottages near Loch Lomond to choose from, what makes Ballat Smithy Cottage one of the best?

For 20 years the cottage has welcomed visitors from all over the world, and their comments reflect the pleasure they’ve found in having a place to stay which feels like home. When ‘home’ can be anywhere from Pineapple Street New York to Kwazulu Natal South Africa, it’s a real compliment. The aim here has always been to ensure that visitors can relax, enjoy their special time and make the most of a location which places them at the very heart of Scotland.

One of the benefits of living next door is the opportunity to meet a hugely diverse range of travellers, some of whom are fulfilling a lifelong dream to visit Scotland, and introduce them to iconic treasures like Loch Lomond. Others choose Ballat Smithy Cottage as a base to bring far flung family together; in summer 2022 travellers from India were joined by their sons from London and the United States, and during the time of Canadian military deployment to Afghanistan a serving soldier met his family from Canada for his precious week of R&R during his 6 months away from home.

Brides have come here to prepare for their wedding day; we’ve had a birthday party for a lady of 90 and we’ve had a family stay here as they said farewell to Scotland before their emigration to a new life in Australia. All the threads leading to this one small spot on the planet, I’m always amazed and humbled to be chosen.

Whatever the reason for their visit, our guests can expect the best. A personal welcome and local knowledge to help them choose how to spend their time. Privacy, but a discrete presence if help is needed. A cottage which puts its arms around you as soon as you walk in the door. Come and stay. You’ll be very welcome at Ballat Smithy Cottage.