Coronavirus Policy

Committed to keeping our visitors safe

Ballat Smithy Cottage Coronavirus Policy

We are committed to keeping our visitors safe, and we always make sure that the cottage is thoroughly cleaned between guests. However we have added some extra measures to reflect the current situation, and for your peace of mind, here are details of our cleaning procedures which have been written in line with enhanced protocols developed for the tourist industry in June 2020.

We will ask you to play your part too, and below are details of what we need you to help with:

On arrival

Please note and adhere to check-in time from 4.30pm. Please avoid arriving earlier than this.

We value a personal approach and enjoy greeting our guests when they arrive. However for the time being contact will be limited to meeting you at a 2m distance and directing you into the cottage. Normally guests would be shown round and a few details explained, however for the moment this personal greeting has been replaced with written instructions. Please take time to read these.

If you become ill

If, during the 14 days leading up to your arrival here, you or a member of your group test positive for Covid 19 or are required to self isolate please do not travel. In line with our Covid 19 cancellation policy you will be offered the option of an alternative date.
If at any time during your stay you develop symptoms of Covid 19 (high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell), or are informed that you must isolate you MUST inform us immediately, check out and return home.
If you develop acute symptoms please dial 999 and inform us immediately.
If you become ill within 14 days of returning home, you MUST let us know please.

Ballat Smithy Cottage Cleaning Protocol

Everyone please use the hand sanitiser provided every time you enter the cottage, and wash hands frequently.
The sanitiser is made here in Scotland at  Kinrara Distillery in the Cairngorms.
Extra sanitiser is in the hall cupboard. Hand wash is also supplied. Please bring any other items you may require such as gloves, face coverings etc. according to your own circumstances. 

Kitchen: all surfaces likely to be touched including light switches and electric sockets, wiped with Peritab  viricidal disinfectant.
Guests please make sure all glasses, dishes, pots, pans & cutlery are thoroughly washed in hot water and left to air dry before putting away.

Please take away or dispose of any left over food & drink.
For the safety of all please follow instructions about disposal of waste.

Sitting/Dining area: all hard surfaces likely to be touched including light switches & electric sockets will be wiped with Peritab disinfectant. The exception will be the dining table, which will be wiped then polished to preserve its surface.
Leather sofas will be sprayed and wiped with Peritab disinfectant; fabric cushions will be sprayed with Peritab.
Guests  Please note we are retaining our information folders, maps and bookcase; individual items here will not be routinely wiped, so if you have concerns about this please refrain from using these. The same applies to the board games in the hall cupboard.

Bathroom: will be cleaned and disinfected very thoroughly to our normal rigorous standards.
Guests please empty the waste bin into the general waste.

Bedrooms: All hard surfaces likely to be touched including light switches & electric sockets will be wiped with Peritab disinfectant. All towels, linen, mattress and pillow protectors will be supplied newly laundered (as usual). 
Guests at the end of your stay please strip the beds of linen, mattress and pillow protectors, and place in the laundry bags provided, sealing the bags.
Please place all towels in the bags provided, sealing the bags.
Please empty waste bins into the general waste.

Hallway/general cleaning: all hard surfaces likely to be touched including light switches & electric sockets will be wiped with Peritab disinfectant. 
The brass door handles throughout the cottage will be polished with an alcohol based solvent cleaner.
Guests: at the end of your stay please ensure that all waste has been removed from the cottage, either to the recycling area in the store (glass, cans & cardboard only) or to the grey wheelie bin.

Please note our Terms & Conditions with regard to cleaning the cottage.
Please note and adhere to check out time of 9.30am. Thank you.
​Finally, if you become ill within 14 days of returning home, you MUST let us know please.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy your stay. 

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