Celebrating the Green

Celebrating the Green

May and June are the months of celebration. The celebration of a winter survived, of the promise of summer ahead, and above all a celebration of the return of the green to the landscape.

Here at Ballat Smithy Cottage on the edge of Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, the green surrounds us. The variety of shades is countless and changes with every movement of the light and every passing day. From the absolute emerald green of the grass to the endless variations of the trees and shrubs, we are immersed in a sea of colour which is perfectly offset by the sky, whether it’s the clearest blue or the deep menacing grey black of an approaching shower.

In the same way as travellers visit New England for the fall colours, many of our guests over the years have come here to experience the magic of the green. The cool greens, the soft greys of a smirry day, the sparkling sunlit waters of the lochs and the ever changing cloud shadows on the mountain slopes create an unforgettable visual feast. Gradually the days extend, until summer solstice time in June, when it’s still light at 11pm and the birds start singing at 4 in the morning.

Summer solstice sunset at Ballat Smithy Cottage holiday home near Loch Lomond Scotland

Like any good piece of design, there is contrast and accent here too. The billowing greens of the woods are often interrupted by the rich tones of copper beech or the white froth of hawthorn blossom, and bringing the eye down to ground level reveals the deep egg yolk yellow of gorse, the acid tones of broom or the unique bluey purple haze of bluebells. The feast is not only visual: sunshine on the gorse brings out a wonderful banana and coconut scent, the perfume of hawthorn and bluebells fills the air and every bird is singing its heart out. Gradually the pinks of foxgloves and wild roses begin to pop out, and as June draws to a close nature settles down to the contented maturity of summer.

A self catering cottage holiday at Ballat Smithy Cottage lets you immerse yourself in the natural sensation of Scotland at its absolute best. Come and stay!